Prof Bayyinah Bello

Professor Bayyinah Bello

Long-standing Pan-African activist, Haitian historian and author Professor Bayyinah Bello speaks on the true essence of Vodou, its Cosmic significance  and the benefits it has to offer its adherents in living a life connected to and always learning from the Elemental Forces. 

She covers the principles of Haitian Vodou in line with Universal principles and correlates how these concepts and ideas were fundamental to the victory attained in the Haitian Revolution of 1804; evidencing the extensive uses to which Vodou can be put beyond its expressions of religiosity that most are familiar with.

She reminds us of the personal developmental role Vodou plays encouraging us to be ‘Masters of Self’, with instructions for living so we stay on life’s purpose and Destinies.

She is also the founder of FONDASYON FELICITEE:

HM Queen Mother Dòwòti Désir Hounon Houna II Guely:

QM Dòwòti Désir is originally from Haiti and domiciled in New York city and is an initiated Manbo and renowned Pan-African activist and crowned Queen Mother of the Royal Palace of Dada Daagbo Hounon Houna II.

She shares the importance of utilising the principles and practice of Vodou to transform Pan-Africanism into a global movement addressing issues of social injustice and creating conditions of parity instead; as Vodou itself, as a system, exists is a syncretism of various African communities.

She emphasises the essential role of Vodouisants and practitioners of other African Spiritual expressions worldwide in taking up the responsibility to firmly place Vodou into the mainstream consciousness across all disciplines to which it has relevance and dismantle the centuries long stigmatisation it has been shrouded in.

Story by:
African World Collective

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Dalian Adofo

Verona Spence-Adofo
Wayne Louis

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Tyrone Paul

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